Project Presentation

Thomas Delor Trio

Simon Martineau, gt – Georges Correia, db – Thomas Delor, dms

 Few drummers assume the role of leader and composer. With rare exceptions, the results often sacrifice the fine details of harmonic and melodic development in favor of complex time signatures and tempo changes: the trio of French musician Thomas Delor, accompanied by Simon Martineau on guitar and Georges Correia on bass, radically breaches the rule.

Thomas Delor managed to make his trio sound as a unique group, with an unusual language, inimitable nuances and a creativity both subtle and explosive at the same time. His compositions, his arrangements and the interpretations follow a similar treatment, identifiable from the first note, based on the exploration of his instrument which seems to be limitless, turning him into a delicate blend of rhythmist melodist colorist.


French Press Quotes : 

« Thomas Delor, estimated for his great musicality, became a reference of jazz world. »
Nice-Matin 08-17

« Three musicians playing so confidentially as if they need to keep connection, it’s a sign. Great coherence, profound listening. »
Pascal Derathé – Jazz Rhône-Alpes 01-17

« From hands to feet, the hands with brushes, mallets, naked. Full of sounds, as much drums as percussion. It sings! For real, he make songs of skins and metal. »
Alain Fleche – Action Jazz 02-17

« Thomas Delor’s main influences color this album which one listens to in a state of bliss, carried away by the connivance between three musicians who demonstrate the true meaning of  the art of conversation. (…) In “The Swaggerer”, Thomas Delor affirms his talent as a colorist. (…) his style: a formal elegance (…) Delor is an aesthete who constantly surprises with multiple timbres, tones, and nuances. »
Denis Desassis – 12-17

« Thomas Delor has built around him an endearing trio, self-taught drummer he proposes his very own style and allows himself things that academicism would restrain. »
Pascal Derathé – Jazz Rhône-Alpes 01-17

« Thomas Delor lives his drumming intensely, he plays with the feet and sticks, logical, but also with the elbow, the hands, sometimes even lengthening on his drums as to communicate a little more with the skins, the cymbals. (...) The complicity between the three musicians is significant, we hear them listen to each other. A great new moment. »
Jacques Lerognon – Nouvelle Vague 08-17

« What makes the singular language of the drummer Thomas Delor so attractive is the mischievous flexibility of his music, a very original art of the composition that never sacrifices the melody to rhythmic subtlety. »
François Robin – blog Jazz à Vienne 12-16

« A colorful Jazz, a trio of talented musicians very heterogeneous! »
Eve Julie – Vienne-tourisme 01-17


Thelonious Monk – His music and its applications in improvisation and composition

The trio of Thomas Delor, musician pedagogue thanks to his experience, including the guitarist Simon Martineau, who holds the state-registered diploma of Jazz, wants to broach the improvisation and composition notions during its masterclasses, addressed to the musicians (any instrument, any level, any age) as well as to any music enthusiasts.
Indeed, beyond their theoretical musical knowledge, improviser and composer (even the arranger) both naturally use to their experience, their character, their mood, their tastes, etc ... That is why music is a unique and personal language.
In order to present a maximum of tools and of clarity to the audience, the trio decided to exploit the rich musical heritage left by the great composer and improviser Thelonious Monk, to illustrate the Masterclass in the best way.

The main objectives of the Masterclass of the trio are:

- To have keys to listen and to appreciate a jazz concert
- To understand the construction of a theme
- To build an improvisation on rhythmic and melodic elements taken from a theme
- To develop your perception of cycles (8measures, 12measures) and rhythmic throughput
- To broach simple arrangement and composition concepts
- To appropriate a repertoire
- To broaden your musical culture by listening to targeted musicians and musical extracts