Chamber Metropolitan Trio

Matthieu Roffé - p, Damien Varaillon - db, Thomas Delor - dms

The Chamber Metropolitan Trio, from Paris, was born from the union of three musicians who want to defend a music mixing aspects of a traditional jazz trio and classical chamber music.

With both elements of a trio of Schumann, of the Brahms Op 8 or the Schoenberg Op 45, as the trio of Oscar Peterson, Brad Mehldau or Gerald Clayton, the Chamber Metropolitan Trio offers a speech tinged with counterpoint and emphasizes a pianist, at first sight less soloist than the prerogatives of Jazz requires. Indeed, the group wants to let more melodic latitudes to the drummer who likes to make use of the harmonic palette of the instrument, methodically tuning the drum skins, and a main role to the bow, a specialty of the double bassist. First of all, the pianist ensures an orchestral part.

From then on, the roles of soloists and accompanists merge. The omnipresent improvisation becomes a collective composition of the moment, dedicated to the free playing of each musician, required for the musical freshness.

The repertoire is based on compositions written for the trio and the interpreted Jazz standards receive the same contrapuntal, harmonic, melodic and improvised treatment.

Thomas Delor Solo

Thomas Delor - dms

Thomas Delor has a "solo drums" project which he performs regularly in different venues (museums, schools, cultural centers...).

Wishing to use his original style of playing and his vision of the instrument, he decided to create a specific repertoire, designed for this program. Mixing Jazz standards, famous tunes known to everyone, rhythmically staged atmospheres and various concepts, the aim of this project is to approach a traditional jazz formation as close as possible, and not in the form a show or a performance, but in such a way that the drums become a full band.



Thomas Delor, professional drummer and composer living in Paris since 2010, utilizes his prior experience teaching high-school mathematics to approach music methodologically.

He has been a committee member for musical examinations several times and also gives workshops in conservatories, music schools, and elementary schools (member of DiJazz musical appreciation project teaching team. In these workshops the recurring themes discussed are about envisionning swing, interplay, colors, nuances, and band dynamics, or more specifically about the drums and their potential.

Either individually or backed by his teams of musicians (Thomas Delor Trio (details here), Chamber Metropolitan Trio, Dijazz project (details here)), Thomas Delor can teach masterclasses, workshops, and other classes to any musicians or music enthusiasts of all levels and ages in both French and English (Russian/Japanese translators possible).

For further information, please contact Thomas Delor at